I can’t believe it’s already 2012. It seems like yesterday that all of the buzz was about Y2K and the new millennium. Is it just me, or is everything happening at a quicker pace than before? Perhaps it’s just a result of our society. Everything is fast-paced, high-technology, rapid-reward focused. I want it to slow down. I want it to change…but change is hard.

Former pastor, author, and Professor Eugene H. Peterson wrote this:

“Every day we face decisions on how we will respond to these conditions. We can say: ‘I don’t like it; I want to be where I was ten years ago.’ Or we can say: ‘I will do my best with what is here. Far more important than the climate of this place, the economics of this place, the neighbors in this place, is the God of this place. God is here with me. What I am experiencing right now is on ground that was created by Him and with people whom He loves. Change is hard. But if that is what it means to be alive and human, I will do it.’”

What if we were to spend more time with our family? More time reading rather than watching TV? More time visiting our neighbors instead of playing with an iPad? More time volunteering for a worthy cause rather than shopping? More time praying rather than gossiping?

At work, what if we spent more time going the second mile, rather than complaining about having too much work to do? Spent more time listening? Looked for more opportunities to help a new co-worker?

Will that help? It won’t create more time….time is what it is. Will it slow things down a little? Perhaps. Is it worth making a change in my daily routine and outlook? I think so. But the problem is that dirty word….change. I don’t like to change. It’s hard to change. Change brings uncertainty.

But change may also bring peace to someone who is troubled, joy to someone who is sad, love to someone who is lonely, and comfort to someone who is hurting. And knowing that, I will strive to change the way I approach my work every day, hoping to make a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with.

God is with us. And He can accomplish His work through us, if we just allow Him the opportunity to change us, so that we can change the world we live in.

You make a difference. Happy New Year.

David B. Ellis
Former President and CEO of LifeStream

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