Choosing a senior living option for your loved one is difficult enough. But making senior care decisions is even more challenging when you’ve been the caretaker for your mom, dad, or loved one.

Even when you no longer have the ability or medical skill to provide needed care, it’s daunting to share your responsibility with people outside of your family.

The good news is, LifeStream Complete Senior Living can support your loved one in a way that feels like an extension of your own care.

Whether your loved one needs retirement living for continued independence or memory care for managing Alzheimer’s, LifeStream Complete Senior Living places an emphasis on creating a familial environment at each of our communities.

Here are 3 ways we accomplish this mission:

  1. We Take a Whole-Person Approach

In families, members don’t take a segmented approach to their interactions. A mom will comfort her child as she cleans a scrape, providing both emotional comfort and physical care.  In the same way, caring for your parent or family member requires consideration of the full spectrum of his or her needs.

At LifeStream Complete Senior Living, we care for the whole person and anticipate the wants and needs of each of our Residents. For example, LifeStream Complete Senior Living at Youngtown offers GREEN HOUSE® homes where Residents can collaborate in planning their care and social activities, which supports their emotional health.  

You’ll also find that we anticipate the physical needs of our seniors, too. LifeStream Complete Senior Living at Thunderbird provides custom rehabilitation tailored around the unique physical challenges of each Resident.

Because we meet the comprehensive needs of your loved one with compassion and kindness, you’ll find that LifeStream is very much like a second family.

  1. Our Senior Care Is Faith Based

At LifeStream Complete Senior Living, we owe our family-like environment to our faith-based approach to senior care. Each of our communities tries to model Jesus’ approach to people and believes that everyone has value and purpose.

No matter your loved one’s physical condition, LifeStream is committed to…

  • Recognizing his or her intrinsic value.
  • Displaying compassion toward your loved one.
  • Providing creative alternatives to care challenges.

Because we recognize the inherent dignity of each Resident, you can rest assured that your loved one will enjoy a familial environment in his or her latter years. (You can read more about our faith-based commitment here.)

  1. Each Senior Living Community Is Committed to Safety

Ensuring the safety of their loved ones is top priority for families—and LifeStream Complete Senior Living is no different. Here you will find attentive care that prevents safety hazards while helping our Residents live life to the fullest. We offer…

  • Assisted living medication management, ensuring your loved one takes prescriptions in a timely and accurate manner.  
  • Memory care that ensures Residents stay safe and secure, providing enclosed outdoor courtyards.
  • Skilled nursing communities that provide round-the-clock medical support for all of your loved one’s needs.  
  • Independent living transportation so your loved one can travel to the bank, the grocery store, or other places without fearing traffic hazards.  

Whether you’re no longer able to assist with your mom’s medical needs or you’re simply too far away to support your dad, you can count on LifeStream Complete Senior Living to be an extension of the familial care you want to give your loved one.

To experience our caring, family-like atmosphere for yourself, call us or contact us to get your questions answered or to request a tour.

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