Memory Support at LifeStreamEven if you know your parent or loved one needs to move to a senior living community, the final decision isn’t necessarily an easy one.

On one hand, you know your mom, dad, or loved one needs round-the-clock monitoring to prevent falls or assistance with medication management.

On the other hand, you may struggle with the idea of moving your loved one out of his or her home into a larger, less familiar environment.  

You may experience an internal tug of war.

Now, there’s a solution for giving your loved one needed care while ensuring he or she is surrounded by a warm and familiar atmosphere—Green House® homes. This type of care may be the best solution for your mom, dad, or other family member.

What Are Green House® Homes?

Headed by the Green House® Project, Green House® homes provide high-quality senior care for the elderly in a way you may not expect. The Green House® Project provides some key facts you’ll want to know if you are considering this type of home:

  1. A Green House® home is just that—a home, hosting a small group of about 10–12 senior living Residents.
  2. These homes provide an open kitchen, a great room, and a common dining table for Residents.
  3. Residents enjoy access to private rooms and baths.
  4. Green House® homes are designed to support seniors with flexible routines and provide a place to welcome family and friends.
  5. Green House® homes meet federal and state licensing requirements.

As you can see, this type of senior living option ensures your loved one receives the care he or she needs while surrounded by a familiar home environment.

How Can Green House® Homes Help My Loved One?

While Green House® homes are known for removing the institutionalized feel of traditional senior care settings, they may also provide additional benefits for your mom, dad, or loved one.

In fact, moving your loved one to a Green House® home may positively impact the care and overall health your loved one experiences.

One research study found that Green House® home adoption lowered hospital readmissions and decreased three Minimum Data Set (MDS) measures of poor quality (the Minimum Data Set measures the well-being of a nursing home Resident).

In addition, according to an article published in Health Services Research, Green House® homes may encourage senior living staff to continue longer at their jobs—which translates into stability for your loved one.  

In the end, here’s the bottom line for your loved one: moving to a Green House® home may help him or her receive better care in a warm and homelike atmosphere.

Where Can I Find Green House® Homes in Arizona?

According to the Green House® Project, there are a very limited amount of these homes across the country—only about 222 homes. If this type of care sounds like a good option for your parent, you may be hoping you can find Green House® homes in Arizona. Thankfully, you can—at LifeStream Complete Senior Living.

Two of our locations—LifeStream Complete Senior Living at Youngtown and LifeStream Complete Senior Living at Northeast Phoenix—offer Green House® homes for assisted living and memory care Residents.

Spanning a spacious 7,000 square feet, each home provides 10 private bedrooms with bathrooms, allowing your loved one to enjoy a space that’s decorated with his or her personal belongings.

These bedrooms cluster around the heart of the home, which includes a great room with a fireplace, kitchen, den, and dining area to host Residents and any visiting loved ones.     

In addition to these accommodations, your mom or dad will experience the benefit of a caregiver known as a Shahbaz to help with daily living, and a clinical support team for medical needs, such as medication management.

While caring staff serve home-cooked meals from the spacious kitchen, your loved one can chat with friends in the great room, enjoy scenic views from the patio, or simply relax by the fireplace.

If you’re ready to help your loved one live life to the fullest in a warm and caring environment, contact us today to tour a Green House® home at LifeStream Complete Senior Living.

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