LifeStream Complete Senior Living is an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Tax Organization. This means you can donate up to $800 for couples ($400 for individuals) and have that amount deducted from your 2018 State Tax liability through an Arizona Tax Credit.

Most importantly, you get to decide where your tax dollars are put to work – in this case helping us continue to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the Seniors in our care.

You will help enrich seniors’ lives and health with programs such as:

Music programs that include performances at Easter and Christmas


The Sensational Motion Program combining sensory, reminiscing, and movement for a unique and stimulating experience.


The Gardening Club, where seniors can adopt a plant and provide daily care.


Electronic tablets to keep seniors involved with family, and to keep treasured photos at hand. Fun electronic brain games encourage brain health.

LifeStream is celebrating our 40th year of serving and caring for Arizona Seniors. Please join us in our calling today.

Donate at or call 623-933-3333 for more information or to set up budget-friendly monthly gifts.



LifeStream Update | COVID-19VIDEO: Why the Drastic Response

Right now in Arizona, we are all seeing and experiencing such a drastic and sweeping response to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). This video explains very simply, and understandably, why this is happening — and why LifeStream continues to deploy measures to keep our Residents, Families and Associates as safe and as healthy as possible.

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