Caring for Those Impacted by COVID-19

For many years, LifeStream’s skilled nursing centers have been a critical member of the healthcare community. The services we provide to the community are essential in allowing the flow of people through the hospitals to rehabilitation and then back home. With the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing, now more than ever, LifeStream will continue to play that vital role.

Who are we preparing to serve?

LifeStream is prepared to assist both individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or those that are suspected to have COVID-19. There are three types of individual case-types we are proactively planning to assist:

    1. Individuals who initially need acute care, but can now be served in a post-acute setting;
    2. Individuals who do not need to be hospitalized and can be served and cared for effectively in a skilled nursing environment; and,
    3. Individuals who normally live in a residential setting such as Assisted Living.

How are we preparing to serve?

LifeStream is taking an encompassing approach to supporting members of the senior- and healthcare community. We want to meet them at their point of need. To that end, we have we have prepared a plan for accommodating COVID-19 positive Residents at our LifeStream at Youngtown community as follows:

    • At Short-Term Rehab at LifeStream, we will provide skilled nursing care for those who have been diagnosed as COVID-19 Positive, or those who are presumed to be positive. Guests in this home are those who have either discharged from the hospital or have been directly admitted from their own home. The Short-Term Rehab Home will accept Medicare and Private Pay.
    • At our newly licensed Assisted Living Home (GREEN HOUSE® Home), we will accommodate those Residents from our very own LifeStream communities. We will also serve the community-at-large who typically reside in Assisted Living, but cannot return to their residence due to a diagnosis as COVID-positive. This home will accept private pay and ALTCS.
    • LifeStream at Cook Health Care’s – Hall 300 will serve as observation accommodations, for those community admissions (from the hospital or elsewhere) who are not suspected of having COVID, but because of their place of discharge, require a 14-day quarantine prior to admission into our other areas of long-term care or skilled nursing (at both LifeStream at Cook Health Care and LifeStream at Sun Ridge). This community accepts ALTCS, Medicare and Private Pay.

How will you protect your existing Residents and Associates?

From the outset, LifeStream’s number one priority has been to safeguard our Residents and Associates throughout this challenging time. That priority has not changed. To continue to safeguard our Residents and our team, LifeStream has taken several steps to protect our Residents and Staff from the spread of COVID-19 once our COVID-Accommodations are open. These steps include:

    • LifeStream at Cook Healthcare’s Hall 300 is secured with a separate entrance through the west doors (near the chapel). We have also added a physical barrier inside the center to prevent entry/exit (except in the case of an emergency) through the main building.
    • Our Short-Term Rehab and Assisted Living Homes are already ideal COVID accommodations for a couple reasons. First, they are uniquely designed to be secure and self-contained. And second, their entrances are limited to only those who work there or are being cared for in that Home.
    • We will have dedicated staff for each COVID-Accommodation level. Once assigned, staff will not float to other areas.
    • We will provide specialized training for all staff working in the COVID areas, to promote best-practice infection control protocols.

Caring for Our Care Team

To care for our teams who have volunteered to work in our COVID-Accommodation areas, we are providing the following:

    • Premium pay
    • 2-weeks of Quarantine Pay when transitioning to another non-COVID area of the community
    • Additional sick pay if an Associate becomes ill
    • Paid, off-site housing if needed or desired
    • Appropriate personal protective equipment
    • Paid meals and beverages provided throughout the shift
    • Shower facilities

LifeStream is uniquely qualified and well-positioned to serve our own Residents and those seniors outside of our communities who need a trusted place to heal and rest. Not all senior communities can provide the services that LifeStream can and we are proud of that. Moreover, we are even more proud of our smart, caring and dedicated Associates who continue to rise to the challenges we face day after day.  Because of this team, LifeStream is rising to the occasion before us, and prepared to provide compassionate care and community to all we serve.


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