This Mother’s Day will be very different, and even difficult, given the impact of the Coronavirus and our communities being closed to visitors. We want to celebrate our Moms at LifeStream with some cheer. Help us spread the joy by gathering your family together (include the kiddos and pets too) and take a photo holding a “Happy Mother’s Day” sign. Please email the photo (before Friday, May 8) to info@lifestreamliving.com with your Mom’s/Loved one’s first and last name and community in the subject line and message. We’ll print them out and make sure they get to them this Sunday! We’ll also work to put together a special album on our Facebook page for all to see, and come back to again and again. (Note please make sure the file format is .jpg)



We received more than 100 photos from family members all over the country. We compiled some into this tribute video. All the photos can be seen in our Mother’s Day 2020 album over on Facebook. Enjoy the video!

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