In response to a recent article published about Arizona nursing facilities and COVID cases, LifeStream has released the following statement to provide a more accurate picture of what LifeStream as experienced.

As a point of clarification, the number of resident cases of COVID-19 reported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) for LifeStream at Cook Health Care does not disclose all the facts.

As one of the largest senior care communities in Arizona, LifeStream Complete Senior Living stepped-up to provide capacity relief to hospitals and other long-term care communities by accepting COVID-19 discharges from our partners into our specialized COVID-19 comfortable, secure and self-contained facility. As a point of fact, 20 of the 22 individuals listed in the CMS data currently under our care came from outside LifeStream’s community.

Consistent with our mission, LifeStream provides compassionate care to all seniors including those with COVID-19. Our expert staff knows how to care for COVID-19 patients and provides a caring place to rest and heal. LifeStream Complete Senior Living cares about our employees and all residents in our community. Since the beginning of the pandemic, eight employees have tested positive for COVID-19 for which seven have fully recovered and one is currently recovering.

For more information on LifeStream Complete Senior Living, please contact Scott Appel, Executive Director of Communications at (623) 866-2946.

LifeStream Complete Senior Living & COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, LifeStream Complete has been fully transparent with our Residents/Families and Associates by providing all communications online.


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