Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well.

To say that the last few months have been long and hard for everyone would be an understatement. We have lived in a world that has changed week-by-week and even at times day-by-day. We are proud of the responsiveness of our Associates to all these changes to safeguard our Residents. We’re equally grateful and blessed to have so many understanding and cooperative Residents and Family members.

You are no doubt aware that there has been a steep rise in the number of statewide COVID-19 cases reported in the past few weeks. The rise underscores that the coronavirus is out there in a significant way, and still a concern for each and every one of our Residents.

It’s our desire, as your trusted community, to continue to help educate and make you aware of these risks. Now is not the time to relax our precautions and safeguards. For the foreseeable future, we need to stay the course, and continue to exercise extreme caution in all we do. This includes keeping in place one of our primary safeguards: All of our communities will remain closed to non-essential visitors. Our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Communities remain subject to the Arizona Department of Health Services regulations restricting visitation and congregant activities/gatherings.

For our Independent Living Communities, should you choose to visit with your friends or neighbors, or take a trip off-community, we would strongly advise that you exercise the following precautions:

  • Carefully consider if you should visit. All public health guidance continues to recommend that all at-risk individuals should shelter in place. In Governor Ducey’s press conference Thursday, June 25, he reinforced that the safest place you can be is at home.
  • Stay socially distant. Remain at least 6 feet from those with whom you come into contact. If you choose to visit with neighbors, ensure there is this distance between you. If weather permits, visiting outdoors is the best option.
  • Avoid group settings. Large groups of individuals present a significantly higher risk to you, and those within the group. We recommend avoiding group gatherings.
  • Avoid high-risk and congregant settings. Avoid high risk situations like visiting with someone who is sick, or who has recently been sick. We also recommend avoiding higher-risk group settings like dining at restaurants and attending church services in person. Church online continues to be the safest option.
  • Wear a mask/cloth face covering. Wearing a mask helps reduce your chances of catching the virus. Remember – Door Open? Mask on!
  • Wash your hands. This is one of the most effective ways to help guard yourself from the virus. We advise washing your hands for at least 20 seconds to help ensure you kill any germs or virus with which you may have come into contact. If you cannot wash your hands, carry and use hand sanitizer to help protect against the virus.
  • If you don’t feel well, stay home. Regardless of whether or not you think you have coronavirus, if you feel ill, please stay home. Please notify our Front Desk/Resident Services Office if you are not feeling well.

We were all made to be in community with one another, so we know that this is a very difficult and challenging time. We continue to encourage you to visit with your neighbors and family members as much as possible on the phone or via the numerous online options. If you are not familiar with these digital tools, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you.

From the beginning of this pandemic, we have said that our number one priority is safeguarding the lives and wellbeing of our Residents and our Associates. The more we remain diligent to the precautions and safety procedures we have put in place and follow the guidelines put forth from the Arizona Department of Health Services, we help stop the spread and help save lives.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about any of this, please call our hotline at 623-933-8753 or email us at info@LifeStreamLiving.com.

For the time being, our very best advice to remain healthy is for you to Stay the Course: Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Well.


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