As we reported last week, Governor Ducey’s Task Force for Long-Term Care issued its recommendations for visitation at Arizona’s licensed, senior-care communities.  We are excited to announce to you that beginning on Thursday, September 17th, we will be welcoming visitors once again to our Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Communities!

This is wonderful news, and our goal is to help ensure safe and healthy visits. We’ve underscored since the beginning of this pandemic that the health and wellbeing of our Residents and Associates is our number one priority. That priority has not changed. The recommendations developed by the Task Force are subject to the re-opening benchmarks established by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). The recommendations enable our communities to place safety – for our Residents, Associates, and Family members – at the heart of our community visitation policies, schedules, conditions and precautions.

We acknowledge that while this first step towards visitation is a step in the right direction, it is still far from ideal – far from getting back to life like it was before March of this year. We are grateful to be able to welcome back our Families for visits, and yet will still need to proceed with an abundance of caution. Despite the decline in positive cases throughout Maricopa County, COVID-19 still holds a significant amount of risk for our entire Resident population.

To help ensure everyone’s wellbeing, the following Community Visitation Guidelines and Requirements, along with our internal visitation policy, will be adhered to at each Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Community as required by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Community Visitation Guidelines and Requirements

For Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Communities
  1. Visits are by appointment only. Each appointment will be at a dedicated and isolated location. Appointments help us manage the inflow of our Guests and help to reduce exposure risk among Residents and Guests. Visits will be limited to 1-hour to help us reduce potential exposure as well. (Required for Indoor and Outdoor visits)
  2. Visits are limited to two loved ones, plus the Resident. For the time being, visits will be limited to two visitors, plus the Resident. To help as many Residents see their loved ones as possible, we respectfully ask that you limit your visits to one per week. (Requested for both Indoor and Outdoor visits).
  3. Visitors must present negative COVID-19 test results. Upon check-in, every visitor must present documentation of a negative COVID-19 test result that is LESS THAN 48 HOURS Results of a PCR test (nasal swab or saliva) or Antigen test (typically used in a rapid test) will be acceptable. (Required for Indoor visits)
  4. Visitors must certify they have been isolated. Each Visitor will be required to sign an Attestation certifying that he/she has been safely isolated in the time between when the COVID-19 test was performed and the scheduled visit. (Required for Indoor visits)
  5. Visitors must be fever and symptom free. Each Visitor will undergo a health screening and have their temperature taken at check-in. The Visitor must not have or show any signs or flu-like symptoms of COVID-19 including: fever (100.0 degrees or more), chills, muscle/body aches, cough, shortness of breath, and other respiratory-like illness. (Required for Indoor and Outdoor visits)
  6. Visit will be recorded in a Visitor Log. For added safety and to facilitate contact tracing, LifeStream will maintain a visitor log at each community. This log will record the visitor’s test results, health screening data, and Attestation of isolation. (Required for Indoor and Outdoor visits)
  7. Visitors and Residents must wear a mask at all times. To help reduce the potential spread of this highly contagious virus, we are required to ensure that every visitor is wearing a mask at all times while visiting our communities. Please note that masks with a vent or valve are not permitted. We will also ensure that our Residents and Associates are wearing protective masks. (Required for Indoor and Outdoor visits)
  8. Visitors must observe 6’ Comfort Zone. Social distancing has been shown to be an effective tool in helping reduce exposure risk. All visitors must help us practice social distancing with a 6’ Comfort Zone at all times and limit contact with the Resident as much as possible. (Required for Indoor and Outdoor visits).
  9. Visitors must sanitize hands. Each visitor, prior to the Resident visit, must sanitize their hands. For convenience and added safety, we will have several sanitization stations throughout our community for hand sanitizing. (Required for Indoor and Outdoor visits)
  10. Visits occur in sanitized, dedicated spaces. The dedicated and isolated visiting locations will have plenty of room to observe our 6’ Comfort Zone. We have both indoor and outdoor dedicated locations; with the outdoor locations subject to extreme weather conditions, including high-heat and air quality advisories. Enhanced cleaning and sanitization of the dedicated space will occur in between each appointment. (Will occur for Indoor and Outdoor visits)

Please note: Arizona Department of Health Services requires us to temporarily suspend visitation for a community if there is a COVID-19 outbreak in that community. They further require that visits be suspended if we do not have sufficient staff or personal protective equipment to support visitation.

While these Community Visitation Guidelines and Requirements, and required visit reservations are specifically intended for our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Residents, we continue to advise our Independent Residents to: Remain socially distant with visitors; Wear a mask/cloth face covering when visiting; Weather permitting, outside visits are best; Wash your hands; and, If you don’t feel well, stay home and contact your LifeStream Community’s Front Desk/Resident Services Office.

As noted previously, we will begin visitation in our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Communities on Thursday, September 17. On or before Friday, September 11, we will publish 2-weeks of appointment schedules for each community. The visitation schedules will be updated each subsequent Friday, following the release of the ADHS COVID-19 Data Dashboard which is updated on  Thursday each week. You will find these updates with community and reservation information at https://www.LifeStreamLiving.com/visit-reservations.

If you haven’t already, consider signing up for our COVID-19 communications email list. Not only will you receive updates to our Visit Reservations calendar, you will receive a weekly recap of all COVID-19 related communications that we’ve published. You can sign up to receive these our COVID-19 communication emails at: www.LifeStreamLiving.com/covid-19-updates.

We are excited to be welcoming family members back to LifeStream! Our Residents are ready and can’t wait.

Welcome back Families and loved ones!


Notes: Visitation Policy updated on 10-01-20

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