Dear LifeStream Family-

LifeStream at Sun Ridge became part of our family of Senior Communities more than 30 years ago. Hundreds of Residents in need of skilled nursing care have been served and cared for across that span of time. Because so many have found a loving home here, it is with great sorrow we announce today that we will be closing LifeStream at Sun Ridge no later than October 15, 2021.

I am heartbroken to share this news. Throughout 2020, LifeStream’s Skilled Nursing Communities were subject to overwhelming impact of the global pandemic and the coronavirus. We are still feeling this impact in our Skilled Nursing Communities, and likely will for years to come. Both the lack of demand for skilled nursing care and the effects of the nationwide workforce shortage are having a palpable impact on all organizations like ours. To best serve all of our Residents in need of skilled nursing care, and to continue to be a good steward of our staff and limited nonprofit resources, we had to make this very hard decision.

Our desire is to continue to care for the LifeStream at Sun Ridge Residents at our LifeStream at Cook Health Care Community. We have already reserved rooms for each Resident. Our dedicated team of Associates at LifeStream at Sun Ridge will be offered an opportunity to continue their career with LifeStream and transfer to a position at LifeStream at Cook Health Care or one of our other Communities.

We hope to have all Residents transitioned and in place as soon as possible, but no later than October 15, 2021. Please keep LifeStream at Sun Ridge’s Residents and Associates in your prayers over the next few weeks and through the transition.


Ronald E. Estes
President & CEO



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