Short-Term Rehabilitation

Put Simply… It’s Rehab. Reinvented.

Rehab in a cold hospital-like setting can be a real downer. So, LifeStream made it better – Introducing Real-Home Rehab.

Its Practice. Not Imitation.

Short-Term Rehab at LifeStream offers a specially designed, rehab home that is an innovative home environment, for real-life, short-term rehabilitation.

Think about your last recovery experience, or an experience of a loved one. Would it be better to imagine what it’s like to get up and walk to the kitchen from your bed in a traditional facility? Or would it be far more effective, getting up and walking to an actual kitchen? What about imagining getting out of bed in the morning to get your coffee – versus – actually practicing it in a home environment?

It is because of rehab activities like these, along with countless others, that LifeStream created a much smarter recovery environment. Because it’s a real-home environment you’ll be PRACTICING – not IMITATING – your daily activities.

Explore the REAL Difference

Click through the blocks below to compare the differences between a traditional rehabilitation center and LifeStream’s Short-Term Rehab Home:

Care Environment
Traditional Rehabilitation Short-Term Rehab Home
Hospital-like environment. Warm and comfortable, real-home setting
Care Ratios
Traditional Rehabilitation Short-Term Rehab Home
High patient-to-staff ratio High staff-to-patient ratio
Dining Experience
Traditional Rehabilitation Short-Term Rehab Home
Meals provided restaurant style on hospital trays on specific schedules. All meals are prepared in the Rehab home, with choices available from our planned weekly menu, in addition to weekly specials, and our Anytime Dining Menu.
Therapy Approach
Traditional Rehabilitation Short-Term Rehab Home
Staff-driven, clinical approach to recovery. Guest-driven, real-life approach to recovery.
Therapy Experience
Traditional Rehabilitation Short-Term Rehab Home
One hour of therapy, five days a week. One-to-one therapy, seven days a week, plus continuous exercises and daily skills practiced throughout the day, shortening traditional recovery time
Therapy Results
Traditional Rehabilitation Short-Term Rehab Home
Patient is not prepared to handle daily tasks upon returing home, risking repeat visit to the hospital. Real-world therapy that centers on practicing daily tasks, which reduces risk of repeat hospital visits.

Doctors Like Our Approach

LifeStream’s individualized, and highly personalized, approach includes 1-to-1 therapy with a dedicated therapist, seven days a week – all in private suites with bedroom, bath and walk-in shower. It is because of this attention — to a detailed, home-like, healing environment, doctors like our approach to getting you back up to speed! 


Our approach:

  • Decreases recovery time
  • Promotes confidence and independence
  • Reduces returns to the hospital

Services & Amenities

Our short-term rehab suites and approach to care are designed to greatly improve your healing experience, with:

  • Real-Home Environment
  • Private Bedroom, Bath and Walk-in Shower
  • Dedicated Therapist
  • 1-to-1 Therapy, 7 Days-a-Week
  • Family Style Dining
  • Anytime Menu Options
  • Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Jintronix – Advanced Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Games and Functional Assessments

Contact Us

Short-Term Rehabilitation at LifeStream

Short-Term Rehab at LifeStream

11523 W. Peoria Ave.
Youngtown, AZ 85363
Phone: 623-933-4683

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